Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jeweller's Work Benches(antique jewelers work bench or cabinet)

The work bench literally is the spine of a craft. As a rule, the more elaborate the nature of your work, the better-equipped work surface you need, and this surface is usually known as a work bench. In case of a jeweller, a work bench specifically designed with all that is requisite to the craft is an integral part of his working environment. Generally, a jeweller's work bench is built of maple, oak or birch, and is a sturdy surface that provides not only ease in working, but also a higher degree of comfort to the craftsman. It is designed to offer ample storage space for tools so that are readily available at hand. It may, in this regard have spacious drawers, or even regular and pull out shelves.

Keeping the requirements of the task, the work bench may also be equipped with a ledge on three sides to prevent any tiny pieces from rolling off. Hereafter, the range also boasts of a number of features available to the potential buyer, such as a sliding arm rest, mandrel holder and lap tray for increased comfort in the work station. The jeweller's work bench may also be further complemented with a bench top storage shelf, which provides easier access to; and storage of; tools.

While a ready to use work bench could be purchased from a firm for somewhere between $300 and $650, some firms also offer custom services. You could even give a fair idea of the design you want and get it built from any woodworking store or a cabinet store for a much cheaper rate. During a purchase, make sure the work bench offers, at the least, all that you require and it should be easy to assemble. The right work bench could metamorphose a jeweller's craft into a cakewalk job.

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